Saint John, Sabrina. Sabrina, Saint John.

I have been officially introduced to Saint John, NB. First impression: wet. But very likeable. It started raining the evening we were set to pack and head off, and didn’t stop for the entire drive through the night until we arrived yesterday around 9am. Now, morning light is starting to brighten the scene outside my window, I’ve just bid adieu to my parents, and it’s still raining. ‘sposed to stop by the weekend.

My new residence is in a nondescript building in a quiet corner of uptown Saint John. My landlord is lovely, as is the apartment. For you worry-worts out there, you will be just as pleased as my dad was to hear that  I have to bypass three different locked doors (and lock them behind me) to get to my room.

Earl’s here too :). Happily, my roommate and landlord (she also lives here) are both cat-lovers. That’s all for now, I’ve got a big to-do list for today, but I’ll upload some pictures soon. Monday I start at T-J! (is it too early to start calling it ‘the teej’? Yeah it’s too soon.)

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2 Responses to Saint John, Sabrina. Sabrina, Saint John.

  1. Kevin says:

    Glad you arrived safely and your digs and landlord are to your liking. A good start to a great experience. Have fun and enjoy.

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