Urban Graveyard?

Maybe I’m just an ignorant Ontarian, but I’m generally used to seeing graveyards on grassy hillsides, in the backyards of churches, maybe beside a precipitous highway curve. So I was a little surprised to find a full, ancient cemetery smack dab in the middle of uptown Saint John.

The Old Burial Grounds were in use from 1784 until 1848, and many Loyalists are buried here. When the American Revolution broke out, some 40 000 colonists loyal to the British crown fled north to escape prosecution. In 1783, about 1 400 stepped off the boat onto Saint John’s shores.

The day I explored the grounds there was a heavy layer of fog from all the rain we’d had the past few days and I thought it made for some cool photographic opportunities :P.

It really has more of a park atmosphere – albeit perhaps an unconventionally themed one – with bench-lined walkways and a steady stream of people walking through on their way to work.

Find a few more pictures of the graves in the Old Burial Ground and a couple other shots from that foggy day HERE

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2 Responses to Urban Graveyard?

  1. Kevin says:

    Eerily beautiful. Besides being a journalist you have a career as a photographer awaiting.

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