And the second week comes to a close…

So almost done week 2! I think I’m starting to find something of a daily routine..

6am- alarm goes off. listen half-asleep to morning radio news. retain very little.

6:30- sit up in bed, skan the articles online from that day’s Telegraph-Journal. Browse press releases and other media sites looking for story ideas for the day. Have CBC newsworld on in the background.

9am – get to work. try to have a concrete story to work on by 10. try to start calling people and leaving messages as soon as possible. While waiting for people to call you back, try to do research/start writing your stories. (I hope you picked up on the fact that I began all those sentences with ‘try’. because I didn’t till just now.)

some point midday- eat lunch quickly at desk, while jotting down questions for my next interview

4pm – key person calls me back, finally. deadline is supposed to be in an hour. Write like mad. fact check. file story.

7pm – walk home. eat! Try to calm mind that is still whirring from adrenaline and coffee

11pm – bed

This week has been pretty good though. I’ve managed to put out a story a day except for Monday when I did two. I meant to update my past weekend goings-on earlier, but ah well. Tomorrow I’ll do a re-cap from last weekend (including pictures) and a look forward to this weekend! Be excited.

We’ve had pretty rotten weather this past week, lots of rain and crazy wind. But living in a city that seems (so far) to be perpetually covered by clouds does have its silver lining. You see, when you simply always look like a kitten that just came out of the washing machine, you never have to worry about looking good!

Me since Monday..

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3 Responses to And the second week comes to a close…

  1. Good work darlin! I see you’re still getting up WAY early. Miss you and can’t wait till grad.

  2. Kevin says:

    Right down to your red hair !!!

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