Rockwood Park Wildlife

So, last weekend I decided it was high time I explore Rockwood Park. Supposedly, one of the largest urban parks in North America. Aaanyway, there were a few lakes, with DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS signs and brochures everywhere. As I ran up to one, I saw a family of five throwing bread into the middle of a duck swarm, not 20ft past one of the signs.

Hehe, anyway, the mother saw me taking some pictures (of the ducks, not the small
children) and asked if I was a photographer. I chuckled and said just amateur. I ended up hanging out with them for a bit, but before they left, she asked me if I could give her my email and that she’d like to hire me to take pictures of her family. I mean, I doubt she’ll actually email, but it was cool all the same! 🙂

for more wildlife pictures of the day, click HERE.

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One Response to Rockwood Park Wildlife

  1. Kevin says:

    Love your photos Sabrina. There’s another career awaiting you. What you didn’t say, but was evident, is that you’re adjusting to the real world away from home, wonderfully. Commendable.

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