Eyedrops perhaps?

My eye has developed a twitch. And for the longest time, I couldn’t tell if anyone else could see it. Maybe it was like an itch, I thought, blissfully invisible to the outside world.

The twitch started Tuesday, near the end of the work day. I had recently returned from Ottawa, where I had spent five sun-filled days celebrating my convocation with some of the people I love most in the world.

And now it was back to long hours, too much coffee, dealing with government PR, second-guessing myself. Come to think of it, of course my eye started twitching.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I stood myself in front of a mirror, so I could tell whether my little annoyance was on the inside or the outside.

It was on the outside.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t some massive spasm wrenching the right side of my face. My eyelid would just kind of vibrate laterally. Not what eyelids are supposed to do, but at least you had to look closely to catch it.

It looked (to me) like the kind of thing you would see zoomed in on in a horror movie, right when the protagonist is starting to show signs that she is actually in fact a possessed robot.

Intern-pal-Polly (If she’s reading this, then yes, that is your new nickname) recommended eyedrops. I’m skeptical. I keep going to bed hoping I’ll wake up twitch-free, but alas, hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway, I gotta go to work now. TGIF.

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5 Responses to Eyedrops perhaps?

  1. James Renaud says:

    Less coffee! I had the same thing working long hours, and high stress. Once I cut down my coffee to a cup or two a day max it eventually went away. Though I have to say, I do love coffee…and miss it :(.

  2. Kelly says:

    Find ways to destress, agree with James, it is long hours and high stress. Happened to me to but i didn’t cut down the coffee. I added a lunchtime walk to my routine @ work and it went away.

  3. Kevin says:

    We’ve all had that problem in times of stress. Time will take care of it, and know that it’s fathoms worse to you than it seems to anyone looking at you. Just call it “character” and forget about it.


  4. daddy says:

    too much coffee, too much stress, too far from home, too much world wide publicity will cause eye twitches (a little known fact which is only known to caring fathers). Coming back home to live quietly and safely in your father’s basement will cure it. And even if it does not no one will see it because you will be safe and sound in my basement. Ssooo….come home.

  5. Sheila doyle says:

    Gramma says that maybe a warm compress would help. I agree that it would be stress that is causing it. Hope you destress soon. Love you Sabrina

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