A good day in the life of a reporter

So I can now say that I have been published across the country! Or well, at least on both coasts. Alright fine if Canada were a bookshelf my clippings would amount to two bookends on either side and a measly paperback somewhere in the middle.

But still. I pitched a story about some coastal communities dealing with erosion from climate change-affected seas, and it was not only on the T-J’s A1, but it also got picked up by Postmedia News and ran in the Vancouver Sun! Kinda neat.

The last two days I’ve been one of the reporters covering the Oland case. Basically, one of NB’s top business barons (his family owns Moosehead) was found murdered in Saint John. Nothing like this ever happens in New Brunswick, I’m told. Everyone’s buzzing about it. The T-J is running pages of coverage. I’m not doing any major stories or anything, but I’m just another quote-collector they’ve got running around doing stuff since the story broke on Friday.

Today I was at the funeral, collecting memories from attendees for streeters (newspaper lingo for short quotes paired with a picture from your average joe).

Oo, and in other exciting news, I just found out today that I’ll be filling in as the weekend photographer! I guess they’ve found themselves short and the photo editor had seen a few of my pics and suggested me:). Tres excited. Anyway, s’all for now.

I feel like this blog is on an emotional rollercoaster, considering the paradox between my last post and this one.

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