Fun with the Fam

So this past weekend my darling family came to visit me in Saint John. Well, actually they came to pick me up in Saint John and then we swiftly evacuated for less dreary, cloud-covered locales. (just joking SJ, you’re alright).

It was lovely to see them all again, and a nice break. We also went to a few extended family reunions in tiny Havelock, and I took the opportunity to stuff myself with enough food to last me till September.

Here’s a few pictures from our escapades.

Dad and Max examine rock seaweed at Hopewell Rocks during low tide

Max reaches from a crevice in the rocks at Hopewell

Portrait of Max

Colin, shot from moving car as he stuck his head up through the sun roof (we were on back-roads, don't worry)

the whole lot of us. From left: max, colin, mama, papa, ME!

Note to los parentes: email me for more pictures… too lazy to upload all of them 🙂

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One Response to Fun with the Fam

  1. Sheila doyle says:

    Lovely pictures, Sabrina. I love the one of the whole family

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