Sauntering around Sudbury

I hadn’t been in the house longer than three minutes when I asked if I could move in the next day. Gary, the kind older gent who owns the house, must not have heard me or else was too startled by my abruptness to really process what I was saying, because he just continued the tour into the living room. I persisted.

“No, I’m serious. I’d like to move in tomorrow.” Ten minutes later I had the key to the house in my pocket. Fifteen hours after that I was unpacking in my new room and building myself a new home base.

The house is lovely and clean, furnished and most important: suuuper close to Science North and Laurentian, where I’ll be spending most of my time in the coming eight months working and completing science communication grad school. He also said I can bring my cat Earl up, which is great.

Sudbury is interesting. I love all the lakes and greenery, but I can’t count all the people who have warned me to be careful while biking; Ottawa and its cycle-friendly culture are apparently far behind me. Also there seems to be a dearth of street signs here, which can be confusing for those of us new to town.

Speaking of new to town, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Hilary Duff (not the celeb) and her family for spontaneously taking me in the night I arrived, when I was harried and hungry with a mess of luggage trailing at my ankles.

Also sending profuse thanks to John and Lynn, who went out of their way to bring me to Sudbury. I hope you enjoy your northern getaway.

Anyway, here’s a photo tour of my new existence. Click to enlarge.

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One Response to Sauntering around Sudbury

  1. arlenedoyle says:

    beautiful pictures. happy to see them. lovely place to work and learn.

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