I have been traveling for most of my life. When I was a year old, my mother hiked down the Grand Canyon with me strapped to her back. Until grade 3, my family moved almost every year, from Quebec to New Brunswick to various places in Ontario.

Between grades seven and nine, I went on two multi-month roadtrips with my mom and two younger brothers through the United States, dipping into northern Mexico, across Canada and up to Alaska.

During my university summers, I backpacked. First Greece with my mom, then through six European countries with my two roommates, then the Salkantay trek up to Machu Picchu. When time and/or finances delay longer voyages, I go on shorter ones. My last was a five-day solo bike trip through 500km of northern Ontario.

In today’s Global Village, my travel resume isn’t especially outstanding, but it’s not nothing. To feed my wanderlust, a peasant’s budget has been a practiced and constant necessity.

With any luck, future me will be writing her way to, well, probably not financial affluence, but hopefully I won’t be living in a box. Maybe an upscale box, with plumbing and curtains.

Over the years I’ve written for a few publications on everything from digital holograms to organic farming to quinzee building.

Dream job? Working for a publication that combined travel, adventure, science, and great writing.

London, 2007


One Response to Bio

  1. Huguette Long says:

    Hey Sabrina 🙂
    After clicking on something that was posted on your facebook page, I was connected to your..well, I’m not exactly sure what you call it, a blog? Anyway, it’s a great idea to have it. I get to read some of your articles and bug ya at the same time! lol
    Hope all is well. It’s been way to long since I’ve seen that beautiful you. I can’t believe this your last year in University! A well deserved and oh so funky celebration will be in order. Whoohoo
    love and hugs
    Huggie xo

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