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Please sir, can I have sum’more?

I’m only on page 14 and already, Gopnik’s got me simultaneously pondering life’s intricacies (a dangerous and fruitless road for me to go down) and craving food that I don’t have. Adam Gopnik is a writer. A very successful writer, … Continue reading

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Sauntering around Sudbury

This gallery contains 22 photos.

I hadn’t been in the house longer than three minutes when I asked if I could move in the next day. Gary, the kind older gent who owns the house, must not have heard me or else was too startled … Continue reading

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Tapping into girlish frivolities

As is the case with most mysterious and beautifully complex things, girls are surrounded in myth. Some of which are fanciful – such as the popular speculation that we go to the bathroom in groups to access a hidden underground metropolis – … Continue reading

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Groggy morning musings

Sometimes I don’t wake up in Canadian Tire parking lots, nested in the ratty cab of a pick-up truck. Other times I do. This morning was one of the latter. I had just dropped my parents off at the airport … Continue reading

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Video of the Half-Ironman

As promised, here’s a little video I made about our race weekend. It was my first time using this video software, but I hope you like it!

ps: I’ve made the video unlisted, so you can only access it through the link here (as in, it won’t show up on searches in youtube)

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When hospitalization starts to look good

If someone would be so kind, could they please batter my kneecaps with a baseball bat? A few hearty Babe Ruth-inspired thwacks oughta do it. You see, it’s not that I don’t want to do the Half-Ironman in two(ish) weeks … Continue reading

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Popularizing the Poles

As a fledgling writer, you’ve got to find nuggets of happiness where you can, and cling to them. This past week at the IPY conference in Montreal, the nuggets to which I clung came in the form of business cards. … Continue reading

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